My copy of Jane Austen’s “Emma” spelled civilities wrong. I love when this happens – not to take pleasure from someone else’s unfortunate mistake, though. Things like this are a rarity which is why I relish them when I do come across them. Between misspellings in books and radio presenters/TV reporters stumbling on their words, it proves that nobody is free from mistakes – we all make them. We all slip up sometime, but it’s okay. It brings everyone down to the same level, helping me feel less of a failure and more of a human being. It is called “human error” for a reason.
 Even all-mighty, omniscient figures like parents can forget where they left their keys, and the most learned and articulate people can struggle to pronounce words.
It’s comforting, and quite pleasant, to know that the entire world, a colony of over 7 billion individuals, shares this one trait, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or status.


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