We often think growth and maturity are marked by the onset of instincts and the absence our strongest human emotions. We dream about years from now when we’re through this,
when we are somewhere else, with someone else, when we are older and wiser and devoid of the childish jealousy, anger, bitterness, or agonizing sadness we feel now.

But the truth is, growth is not the product of time. Growth is the product of choice. We grow when we experience the rawest of human emotion in its purest form.

We grow when in the midst of hellacious pain and disappointment, we choose forgiveness over retaliation. We grow when we stare hell in the face and despite shaking fingers and trembling limbs, we chose love and refuse the darkness.

We mature when we realize that these emotions are not childish. They are ancient and making this choice is never easy because braving the cold never is. It is a ritual, it is sacred and must be practiced daily.

We rise up from our own ashes when we recognize that this ritual is both miraculous and habitual. It is not accidental and neither are we.


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