Humans. The first creature on Earth able to lie and delude, have emotions such as self-loathing, and survive using intelligence over strength. While they are the smartest beings on the biosphere, humans fear the things they do not understand. Such as other humans.

We, the cleverest of species, are also the most ignorant. We have spent years putting ourselves back into the caveman ages by banning a kind of love and by degrading the feminine gender and by frowning at a certain ethnicity. We push people so far back into the closet that their eyes dilate to freedom and we start unknowingly labeling them as the monsters. And then we raise our kids to think they should fear the things that live in their own room and in their own world. And the TV tells them it’s okay to shoot and kill any of the monsters that happen to get free. Maybe the story books were never about a giant, furry, red-eyed creature — maybe it was just the fear of power, a different color, a flash of a camera.

Every time we shiver at the site of a boy and a boy holding hands, and we spat on the women who said no, and we shout at the man of colored skin, we then allow the dehumanization of our own to carry on.

We think that maybe if we keep allowing our words to be venomous and our actions to be cruel then we can make people believe that they are not worth their life and we can then keep stripping them off their human rights.

But it won’t work anymore. Because the numbers are getting stronger and we no longer care if the light stings our eyes a little.

We are asking what exactly makes us monsters.


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