Hello 2017, Let’s miss 2016




So, it’s the last day of another year, and you’re wondering how time goes by so quickly, even though there have been days and weeks and months that you thought would never come to an end.

There have been hard times, harder times than you’ve ever imagined. 2016 has been the year of heartbreak, of struggle, of loss and almost giving up. But you never did, you never gave up. You’re still here, we’re still here, your heart’s still beating, your heart’s still full of love, and you’re still full of life.

So, maybe you’ll look back on this year as one of the worst, as one of the hardest of your life, and maybe it was. We all lost too many greats, and whilst it’s undeniable that society has taken a hundred steps forward over the last few years, it seems as if 2016 was the year when it took a hundred and one backwards.

The world is scary, and this year has proven this, but it’s also proven a lot more. That we are all stronger, and braver and, more resilient and more beautiful than we can ever know. Why? Because you’re still here, I’m still here, we’re all still here. Still fighting, still proving that love is greater, love is more, love is love. And what’s to come in 2017?

None of us really know, none of us know how the events of 2016 will drain through into the new year, how the repercussions will fall, but it’s still a blank page. For now.

So paint it with the brightest colours, scribble down your hopes and dreams, wishes and plans and try to see them through. Life may be hard sometimes, and the world will throw obstacles in our way, but it’s up to us to find a way through.

To see love and light and laughter in the darkness, and to remember that we are lucky to be living this life, this beautiful life. There are still things to smile about, things to look forward to and things to celebrate. Things that stay with you, people that will stay with you.

So, let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate all the good things that happened in 2016, the times you laughed so hard your ribs hurt, the first kisses and the lazy Sundays in bed, the rainy mornings and crimson sunsets.

And let’s look forward to all of those and more in 2017. Your life is what you make it, and you’re gonna make it great.


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