The Hard Part




I think the hardest part about getting to know someone isn’t just your insecurities, your fears, your hesitations. It’s all of theirs. You’re fighting a war in their head and their heart that’s derived from every person that’s come before you. It’s every lie, false definition of love, excuse, broken promise, and broken heart that someone before you caused. It’s so sad that someone could take something so beautiful and shatter it beyond recognition, and now the only thing keeping it together is the cast of steel they’ve surrounded their heart with. It’s even sadder to think that just when their cast is no longer needed, someone comes along and breaks them again and again, and each time a thicker cast is thrown on. So now here you are fitting no mold, you were never like anyone else, and you’re trying to break through a cast that seems to be 82 miles deep while bearing your own cast of steel. It’s heavy and it’s hard but every once in a while you get this glimpse of what’s behind the wall and you know it’ll all be worth it. And you know that even if you’re not the one who takes the last piece of that wall down, you’ll have helped heal what’s behind it in hopes that someone more deserving than you gets to see what she’s gone to the depths of hell protecting.


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