I hate looking people in the eyes. I have been so devastated for so long, that nobody can hide their pain from me. Even through the most flawless smiles, most innocent jokes, toughest acts, I see the pain behind everyone’s actions. Since I see all this, I feel responsible for it in a way; you should always help, when you see someone in need. But I can’t save the whole world. I can only hope, that other people learn to see same things that I see, and everyone took care of someone. It breaks my heart to see so many suffering souls around me. And I just need to learn how to become cold enough to live with the fact, that there is nothing I can do about it. Or get crushed by the weight of seven billion broken hearts.

Do not build homes out of people. People are not buildings. Regrettably, you will find yourself homesick. The taste of homesickness will invade the tip of your tongue and you will feel the gulp of sadness flowing through your throat. You will find the sadness storming, and the earthquakes shaking your heart–you will be weary. People are not meant to be homes; you cannot own them nor can you renovate them to be whatever you want or need according to your changing expectations.

However, you can find a home in people, and people can feel like home. These people bring the warmth and comfort a home provides; they ease warmth into your heart. Home was not just a place, it was a feeling–the feeling of amenity. You find yourself comfortable around them, and you feel as if you were home. They were like home to you.

That’s the thing with me, people always come up to me damaged, and I have grown so used to saving them. I really do hope to be saved one day, too. We live in different worlds. My reality’s not the same as yours. Isn’t it crazy on how many different levels people live? Who we are and how we see and treat the things around us shapes our world. Therefore, we all live in separated worlds, side by side with the ones we love and the ones we hate and sometimes, when we’re lucky, they get to see a part of what defines us. It’s crazy, we all live on the same planet yet everyone experiences it differently.


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