I came across this wonderful and profoundly beautiful documentary about a man, seeking enlightenment by travelling to the Andes to experience and understand the complexities of life through an ancient school of philosophy. He contemplates the origin of man and the reason of his existence through an insightful teacher.

It made me realise a lot of things and hit me like a wave of awakening. I am a sucker for documentaries like that and I believe every good film’s essence is a real story, a moral lesson. The film focuses on personal discoveries and the search for identity from the point of view of Incan traditions. It also deals with ancestral teachings from the region that promote a better understanding of the nature of things.

What I learnt from the film is that, first of all, we are never separated from nature. It is our body, our vessel, and to hurt our planet is to hurt ourselves. That being said, we are here as a result of a magical spiralling of evolution, DNA and variety. It is to say, everything we are going through now, in every part of the globe, is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Do not let setbacks hit you. Things falter because you pushed them to misalign with where it needs to be. Things falter because you used yourself, your beliefs and ideals to manipulate them into your selfish alignments. I relate to this with my experiences in relationships — Nothing needs to be pushed. Nobody needs to fit their shoes like you wanted them to.

A misconception that entails in human relationships, especially romantic ones, are that we have to constantly enslave ourselves into an ideal bubble. Things have to spiral willingly, unfathomably, I think then, is true evidence of a magical connection. To show love, it doesn’t have to be a series of terms and conditions, but freedom and willingness. And respecting that itself, is an act of love, an act of kindness.

And I would gladly take that in a heartbeat over anything else. Most importantly, be selfless. I think love is an act of selflessness, never selfish. You welcome someone to walk a journey with you, if none of it is an act of willingness, what’s the point? We always want answers, yet life is not supposed to be a finished book. Life is supposed to be lived and the truth is often ugly. To win, is about conquering those ugly truths as a way of the world guiding you, teaching you and most importantly, loving you and the ones you love most.

I do not want to be an uprising force, I want to be gentle and kind, to give people time and respect their needs. I think thats the closest to love, to loving them, is to respect their desires and boundaries. Doing so, steers me back to loving myself and giving back to our planet. Because remember, nature is your driving force, do not try to oppose it. Most importantly, never need somebody to validate your greatness. It is something your subconscious would know and you will believe in it.


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